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Sheep Farming; the lifestyle, the hard work and the benefits 



I sell fat lambs around October/November time at about 6/7 months old. Feel free to query what meat we have available around this time and you can always put in an order.

Full Lamb = £150

Half Lamb = £80

Or specific cuts = Varies 

Cheviot wool has always been one of the most expensive wool to sell. Wool in general does not go for very much but recently I have been selling my wool to locals and people from overseas who want to use the wool in making clothes or ornaments etc. Check out this Instagram page for how they have used Cheviot wool -

I have always had a passion in breeding my own tups to sell onto farmers to use for their own breeding. Again get in touch to see what I have available. Rams and Shearings available from October/November 

During the summer the agriculture communities host shows which are build around local farmers showing off their stock that they raise through the year. People show their lambs, ewes and rams in hope to win a championship cup. I am delighted to be someone who has won a few cups - it's a good way to get a bit of publicity for your stock - especially when it comes to selling £££.  



"Since 1841 my family have been working on farms throughout Northumberland. In 2018, it's only myself and my dad who are shepherding now but we still carry the same passion, determination and morals as my ancestors."

Cheviot Sheep

Cheviot sheep originate from the Cheviot Hills in North Northumberland. I farm my flock near the Cheviot Hills to hold that original quality the breed has to offer. 


The Product

Cheviot sheep produce some of the best quality fat lambs which are sold into the food market. I currently sell all my Cheviot meat to local buyers in North Northumberland ensuring the freshest, most accurate tasting lamb is given to the residents of Northumberland.

The Location 

My Cheviot sheep are reared, fed and bred in North Northumberland near the Cheviot Hills, Wooler. Northumberland can offer the highest quality grassland and purest air ensuring the highest quality stock and meat. 


Where my Passion

Comes From

My names is James Bone, I am 26 years old and I have been shepherding my whole life.

As a child, I was out watching and learning from my dad in how he managed his flock of sheep in the deep hills of Northumberland.


I watched how he trained his dogs to be able to read his mind, I watched how he worked with these wild animals in flock sizes of 1400 without loosing a single one.

My passion has descended from my ancestors who started farming in the 1800's. My Grandfather, Great Grandfather  and Great Uncles are in the photo above, all farm workers in the early 1900's to 1994 at Beal, Northumberland. 

I have no farm at the moment, I work my small flock in fields through the local countryside and my acres are building slowly along with my stock numbers.

The Instagram Page 



If you have any queries regarding lamb for sale, wool for sale, sheep for sale or Cheviot sheep in general please do not hesitate to contact me below. 

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